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I am an emotionally-inspired abstract artist based in Nelson, New Zealand


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Ph: +64 (0)21 022 42429

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I consider myself a hobby artist because I'm certainly not in it for profit. I paint simply because I love to paint and I offer my work for sale simply to help cover the costs of painting more - plus I love it when other people love my work too.



For me, art has no meaning without an observer. The art in a painting is not, therefore, in the skills or techniques employed, but in what they capture and how it affects people. For a person to love a painting, it needs to offer a spark to their imagination and be open to their own interpretation, thereby allowing it to become part of them.



2007 - Joined Art Group Nelson

2010 - Gained membership of Nelson Suter Art Society

2011 - First accepted into Auckland's Original Art Sale (no longer running)

2011 - Joined Nelson's Wall To Wall Art (formally Art@203) Collective Gallery

2013 - First accepted into Wellington's New Zealand Art Show

2013 - First accepted into Art Expo Nelson

2014 - Gained representation at ICON Gallery in Upper Moutere (since closed)

2017 - First accepted into the Christchurch Art Show

2017 - Gained representation at Tait Gallery in Hanmer Springs


Solo Exhibitions

2012 - ART@203 - "Boys Don't Cry"

2013 - ART@203 - "That's Me In The Corner"

2014 - ART@203 - "Jump Into The Sun"

2015 - ART@203 - "A Drop In The Ocean"

2016 - ART@203 - "Where Trees Play"

2017 - ART@203 - "Open Heart"

2018 - ART@203 - "Hot Cakes"

2019 - Wall To Wall Art - "Alien Artworks From A Distant Galaxy"

2020 - Wall To Wall Art - "Resin8"



My current favoured technique is to apply acrylic paint to glossy photo paper with an old credit card or similar. I choose such tools over brushes because I find they allow greater freedom of expression. I work quickly in order to achieve a variety of mixing, scraping and layering effects while the paint is still partially wet. I typically start at around A1 size, but I often crop to a smaller size to achieve a result I'm happy with - sometimes right down to A6 size original artwork cards which I sell for just $5 each. To finish, I either frame work behind glass with a white mat and slim  black or white frame, or I mount it on ACM board and coat it with resin, giving it a classy, modern look which floats a couple of centimetres away from the wall. I also offer limited edition (to 15) prints of selected works. I am happy to host viewings by prior appointment and will consider commissions provided my creative freedom isn't overly compromised.